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        Corporate Introduction

        A veteran manufacturer of PVC and PE cables, Wingtai Cable & Wire Mfg Co., Ltd of Hong Kong possesses 21 years of production experience. Our current product range includes telecommunication cables, data transmission cables, flexible cords, general wiring cables, coaxial cables, speaker cables, microphone cables, A/V cables, and telephone cords, etc.

        With major production lines in our 3000 sq. m. factory in China, and a few production lines in our factory in Hong Kong, we are able to control production efficiency and quality. We have the capability to produce on an OEM basis, meeting customers¡¦ requirements.


        Our Product Range [ View our Product Parade]

        Telecommunication cable
        Data transmission cable
        Flexible cords
        General wiring cable
        Coaxial cable
        Speaker cable
        Microphone cable
        A/V cable
        Telephone cords
        Cat.5 cable

        Corporate Information
        Wingtai Cable & Wire Manufacturing Company Limited
        1/F., Mai Hong Industrial Building, 160 Wai Yip Street,
        Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
        Tel : (852) 2389 7478 , 2389 0539
        Fax: (852) 2343 2562
        Email : sales@wingtaicable.com
        Web Site: www.27ashk6.buzz

        Key Executive for Contacts :
        Mr. Johnny K.M. Leung ( Director )
        Mr. Cheston H.K. Lau Marketing Manager

        Other Factories/Offices China factory :

        Bei Hai Industrial Zone, Guang Zhu Road,
        Lun Siao Town, Shunde, Guangdong, China


        Copyright (c) WingTai Cable & Wire Manufacturing Company Limited. All Rights Reserved.